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Tore Hartelius A/S provides board committee and business coaching services, with over 20+ years of leadership and entrepreneurial experience. Giving owners and organisations short cut access to the success strategies and philosophies of some of the worlds leading businessmen and coaches. 

About Tore Hartelius A/S

Tore Hartelius A/S specializes in transforming owner-managed businesses from “infant” companies to more mature organizations with professional managements, boards and new growth.

We contribute to creating flow at critical times when businesses need new skills and resources to avoid the often predictable wrong turns that slow development and growth.

Tore Hartelius A/S distinguishes itself in three main ways:

  • We specialize in owner-managed businesses.

  • We provide business therapy to managers and employees.

  • We carry out “surgical” interventions in crisis-stricken companies.

Tore Hartelius has been an entrepreneur for almost 20 years and has extensive knowledge of and practical experience in dealing with the often predictable challenges and crises faced by owner-managed businesses.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create flow in companies in ways that maintain and increase the entrepreneur’s drive and talent, and to nudge companies toward the optimal route to the next stage in their lifecycles.

Our Vision

Our vision is to contribute to a healthy and sustainable entrepreneurial culture and growth in owner-managed businesses.

Our Values

We work toward the following values:

  • Trust is essential to ensuring the commitment of people and companies. We define trust as a mutual interest in creating growth and a sustainable economy.

  • Respect is key to ensuring development. We define respect as the willingness to accommodate the differences of others.

  • Healthy and happy people are essential to a company’s well-being and progress. By healthy and happy people, we mean people who are honest and passionate.

  • A good working environment is vital for innovation and growth. We see a good working environment as one with a clearly defined working culture where it is fun and rewarding to work.

  • Social awareness is essential for putting values and decisions into practice. By social awareness, we mean the company’s collective awareness of itself as a giving organization, both internally and externally.

And away from the following:

  • Focusing on the wrong problems drains businesses of energy and resources. By this we mean focusing on symptoms rather than the underlying causes that really require attention.

  • Stress can be paralyzing for people and businesses. We understand stress as talented and ambitious leaders’ and employees’ word for the fear that prevents them from achieving what they want.

  • Feelings of inhibition can hurt a company’s ability to find new solutions. By inhibition we mean a mindset that hampers people’s ability to be resourceful and innovative.

Our Goals

Tore Hartelius A/S is involved in a number of high-growth companies in a wide range of industries. We are typically involved in companies for a limited period of 12-36 months. When the company or parts of the company have recovered financially and are on the right track, we withdraw from the business by agreement with the owner. Alternatively, we join the board and take part in the company’s strategic development.

Theories and Methodologies 

Tore Hartelius has trained with and studied under some of the worlds leading experts in business turn-around, growth and marketing. These include


Dr. Ichak Adizes 

Founder and president of Adizes Institute,

Honorary Chancellor of the University of Fredericton, Canada

Award winning international author 


Jay Abraham  

Founder and CEO of Abraham group

Best selling author 

Forbes accredited leading Business Coach

Marketing Genius 


Tony Robbins  

Founder and CEO of Robbins Institute Research

International Business and Personal Coach 



Turnaround expert 


Keith Cunningham 

International Speaker

Acclaimed business author 

Seasoned entrepreneur 



Jim Rohn 

American entrepreneur, author and motivational speaker


Ray Dalio  

American billionaire investor, hedge fund manager, and philanthropist.

Founder of investment firm Bridgewater Associates, one of the world's largest hedge funds.


Joseph McLeondon III  

Founder of The Pro-sequences Research Group. A Leading Peak Performance Coaching Organization


Robert Kiyosaki 

Real Estate Investor Entrepreneur

Financial Education Advocate Best Selling International Author


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