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"Success in management is understanding the opportunity in problems, not to avoiding them" - Tore Hartelius

A committed and professional board of directors is vital for a company’s strategic management and continued growth.

The chair and members of the board should hold professional positions with real responsibility for the company’s development and growth.

We participate proactively in the boardrooms of several companies in various industries. The common denominator of these businesses is that they have high growth potential and committed, professional boards of directors.


Our mission is to create flow

Our mission is to create flow in companies in ways that maintain and increase the entrepreneur’s drive and talent, and to nudge companies toward the optimal route to the next stage in their lifecycles. The work begins in the “engine room” and continues on a committed, professional board of directors with qualified and dedicated board members.

A committed and professional board

The board’s main task is to base decisions on firm foundations and secure the right balance between control and flexibility. We take part in the board work in a committed and professional way, with three main objectives in mind:

  • To contribute to the overall and strategic management

  • To ensure sustainable growth in the company

  • To establish solid procedures for risk management and internal controls

We actively join the company’s board either in the form of a chairperson or a board member. On the board we contribute to developing the company’s strategy and the continued optimization of its risk management and growth.

Strategic management

Strategic management is crucial to ensuring that the company exploits its full potential for growth and profitability. We help companies with growth potential to build up a professional management team and put together a committed, professional board that can contribute to the company’s earnings. Building a constructive cooperation between the owner, board and management is a key focus point.

Continued growth within a sustainable framework

Lack of income, lack of liquidity, poor decisions and other similar symptoms are clear signs that a change of mindset is needed. This is where we step in to reverse the trend of declining income – either by supporting the existing management or, in the case of companies in crisis, temporarily assuming leadership.

When the company is on the right course, we step back from the day-to-day management. Often we join the board to contribute to the company’s continued growth within a sustainable framework.

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