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"It’s not the lack of resources, it’s your lack of resourcefulness that stops you" - Tony Robbins

Raising capital for businesses requires time, resources and market knowledge. If the business needs new capital, it is important to clarify which type of investor matches the business. 

We screen potential investors’ profiles and requirements and find the right match between the interests of the investors, the company and the owner or owners.

We offer:

  • Preparation and matching of expectations

  • Financial analysis – where are we?

  • Review or development of the business plan – where do we want to go?

  • Relevant investors and partners – what do we need?

  • Adapting the board and management team – who should steer the company to where we want to be?

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Strong Management Teams 

We build strong management teams and boards, or support the existing management in order to create confidence among investors.

We assist with or carry out negotiations with investors and – in partnership with the owner or management – enter into an agreement with the investor on raising capital to ensure the growth of the company.

Strong management teams are weighted heavily by most investors, who keep a keen eye on whether the management can deliver.

Agreement on capital raising for businesses

We adapt the business so it lives up to the investors’ requirements and expectations for their investment.

After the financial analysis and matching of expectations, we prepare a strategy and plan for the next phase, before meeting with possible investors.

We analyze the costs and risks of the different solutions for capital raising, whether they involve loan finance or investor capital.

Does the business need to raise capital?

When we analyze the company’s need for capital, one of the first things we examine is whether the company actually needs new capital to grow and create more value.

Often businesses can make adjustments to increase their liquidity so they can implement the new plans for the business on their own.

We add value to companies in the form of useful knowledge and labor on a temporary basis when it comes to implementing changes and growth plans.

If there is a need for new capital, we facilitate the whole process in close cooperation with the company’s management and owner. If we enter into the company with an ownership interest, we will join the board when the company is on the right course.

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