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I have had the pleasure of working with Tore the last 2 years. My experience is that Tore is professional, flexible and always available. As a company owner, I experience Tore as present and as a good support.

Memox is an owner managed company with two owners. In times, that can have its challenges. Tore has, on countless occasions, shown the ability to stay objective in our communication and mediated between us as owners.

Tore has the understanding of a healthy development of a company, as well as a sharp eye, pointing out when things need to be corrected.

It is clearly felt that Tore has the experience of advising and supporting, wherever the need is. Tore understands to activate his network, when there are situations that need to be acted on. Tore has saved the company hundreds of thousands, by activating his network.

Tore is engaged in the company and gladly attends company events to get a better understanding of the culture.

Tore is an empathetic person and can be firm when it is required. He manages to keep focus on what is most important for the company and supports good cooperation.

Tore, as chairman of the board, is providing strategic direction and is helping to secure that the company is run in a responsible way.

I would always recommend Tore as a part of a business. For further information, please contact me.


When I started working with Tore, I was in a situation of pressure and a lack of direction of where to go. Working with Tore has made it clear to me what my goals are, but also how to produce the results I wish for, both professionally and privately.

After Tore involved himself in my company, we have gone from facing bankruptcy to running a healthy business with profits and a clear growth plan and focus. I experience that Tore works with efficient tools and strategies, and it is clear that his work with theories from Tony Robbins, Ichak Adizes, Ray Dalio, Jay Abraham and others is a big strength when we work strategically.

At the same time, it gives me access to their theories and knowledge without needing to use time reading them.

Focus, direction, strategi and support – all crucial to my ongoing development.

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In the short time I have known Tore, he has had a massive impact on my life. I met him in a dark place in my life and although actively seeking coaching and self-development, I was still facing the same issues.

Tore has taught me what it means to be a man, how to achieve success and most importantly how to achieve fulfilment. He showed me how to handle problems effectively, become aware of my blind spots and how to activate the inner strength that I had previously refused to utilise. Much of my success and growth over the past two years has been due to him.

The coaches I have been in contact with in the past have been incredibly frustrating, as I could not relate to the advice they were giving. I found that their teachings were either too open and bound to no logic or too closed, with no flexibility to create a unique solution outside of their prescribed ideology or dogma.

Somehow, Tore has always found a way to speak the truth and nothing but the truth, while simultaneously being open enough to re-examine, and cross-examine all of his advice and how it applied to my life.

This unique blend of intellect, creativity and truthfulness all bound by amiability, patience and inspiration have made our conversations the highlights of my progress as a human being. One minute of communication with him can result in a month’s worth of growth and results.

All of this with hardly knowing anything about my industry or the specifics of my interpersonal relationships. Tore somehow always finds a way to utilise your understanding, intellect and intuition to hit you right with the words you need to hear to improve. Contrarily, he never overreached or spoke to a problem he could not give one hundred percent advice on.

Our conversations result in an immediate change in my interpersonal relationships and business partners, which then ripples out into new communities and the rest of the world. So much of my bravery and success can be attributed and sourced back to some conversation we’ve had.

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