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Transformation of owner-managed businesses

We often meet successful business owners who have been demotivated in their roles as managers. They are passionate about realizing their ideas and achieving results, but not necessarily about management.

We facilitate a setup that creates space for the entrepreneur’s drive and flexibility...

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Raising capital for


Raising capital for businesses requires time, resources and market knowledge. If the business needs new capital, it is important to clarify which type of investor matches the business.We screen potential investors’ profiles and requirements and find the right match between the interests of the investors, the company and the owner or owners...

Turnaround management of companies in crisis

Turnaround management of companies in crisis is not just for large multinational companies. We help different types of owner-managed businesses with growth potential to reverse their negative development.

We conduct a detailed analysis of the company’s opportunities for future earnings and financing...

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A committed and professional board

A committed and professional board of directors is vital for a company’s strategic management and continued growth.The chair and members of the board should hold professional positions with real responsibility for the company’s development and growth. 

We participate proactively in the boardrooms of several...

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